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Attached to her Arab roots yet inspired by diverse cultures and history, the designer, Sohayla Ali redefined the realms of Haute Couture by masterfully sculpting every garment with ornate fabric and alluring embellishments transforming them into timeless pieces of art.


Upon graduating highschool from the American International School of Egypt, the designer moved to Paris to pursue a degree in fashion design at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD). Living in a fashion capital of the world and studying in one of its highly regarded fashion schools paved her path into the industry.

Soon after an enriching experience in Paris, the brand was launched in Egypt in 2018, rapidly gaining recognition as a luxurious label catering to distinct clientele. Striving to set new standards, the designer, embraces embroidery to capture the essence of luxury while pursuing meticulously handcrafted design. All outfits encompass a blend of strong femininity, refined glamour and elevated elegance while holding the art of female allure at their core. Never failing to introduce iconic pieces to the fashion world, the house of Sohayla Ali presents Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear, and Wedding Dresses.


Today, the brand has not only imprinted its style in the Couture world but has also recaptured the essence of wearable art all while supporting Egyptian craftsmanship and labour.

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To be strong. To dare. To inspire. To feel beautiful, confident, and entitled. Empowering women is our sole mission. We want women to look and feel their best when wearing our unique, innovative designs, because when you look good you feel good. The confidence you get from a great looking outfit, sets you up to go conquer the world. Each woman is beautiful and should celebrate her beauty in a way that makes her feel strong and empowered.

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